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Daleel is far more than just a signage consultancy. The reason for our success in the marketplace, reference able clients, is that we develop tight relationships with our clients by providing turn-key project management.

Daleel Team will be responsible for managing the full spectrum of services we offer, which include (1) wayfinding consulting, (2) graphic design, (3) code compliance review, (4) project cost estimating, (5) installation planning, and (6) on-going customer service.

Research & Testing

Wayfinding plays an important role in how an organization addresses its users, and how those users perceive the organization.

Poor wayfinding will create frustration, disorientation and will reflect poorly on the organization. Retail sites will lose customers, passengers will miss connections, patients will be late for appointments and staff will lose productivity.

Daleel has developed a unique approach to creating wayfinding solutions which can be applied to any environment however large or small. It is based on established theories in user behavior and navigation, as well as our research and experience gained through practical application.

We use specifically developed audit tools to develop effective wayfinding strategies which meet the needs of the broadest range of users.

Strategy Development

Often environments present unique challenges requiring primary research and testing to define wayfinding behavior and and inform design measures.

We frequently collaborate with project stakeholders defining requirement for, and undertaking primary research as part of larger wayfinding projects or as stand-alone exercises.

Research undertakes has included typeface legibility, terminology and pictogram comprehension, and wayfinding task analysis.


Often a site audit is the quickest most cost effective way to generate data to inform a wayfinding strategy for an existing site.

We have developed a range of tools and processes to streamline the audit process, and provide a structure to information gathering.

Where possible, we like to undertake secondary audits following to implementation of design measures, measuring the impact of the wayfinding strategy, and to lean from the unique conditions of each project.

Graphic Design

We act not only as designers, but play an integrated strategic role in developing8d8 our clients businesses.

No client or project is alike and so we approach every brief with a unique perspective.

We produce solutions from full branding suites, marketing brochures, identities, publications and environmental graphics to graphic signage systems all informed by our multidisciplinary collaborative approach.

Industrial Design

In partnering with our clients, we develop creative, measureable and meaningful three-dimensional outcomes, informed by visual, emotional, functional and cultural inputs.

A delicate balance exists between marketing manufacturing, environmental and financial imperatives to best optimize design and we use evidence-based design principles to facilitate this process.